Monday, June 11, 2012

Badminton Sunday

I am not a sports buff, nor am I an athlete.

I had never been into serious sports for the main reason that it is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I had been playing badminton when I was in grade school just for the sake of playing, and because I found it fun.

My office mate invited me to play badminton with her and with her friends, so I agreed to join. They play every Sunday, which was good because our work is weekdays. I was not able to join them at first because of bad weather.

But yesterday, I finally joined them.

It was good to meet new people, and it was good to be in a new place. The place was warm because it was not air-conditioned at all. Nevertheless, it was still good as it was evening. I'd rather want to run around when evening time comes because I feel comfortable sweating when the sun is down.

It was my first time playing badminton with the real rules applied. My partner was really good, since she had been a real badminton player. We played a set up to 25, and at first, my partner and I won. I really did not play for competition. I just played for fun.

And it made me happy to think that I had been doing again one thing that I enjoyed doing. It made me realize that I miss playing badminton so much.

좋은 하루 되세요!

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