Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cough And Colds.... Super Annoying!

It has been a week since I had sore throat, which evolved into a cough, then into colds. When I greeted Lee Jong Hyun a happy birthday over the CN Blue Twitter account, I was not feeling well. I guess you can say that there really are days when your immune system gets down.

Anyway, I am not going to rant about my colds and cough. I just want to share to you tips on how I keep myself healthy. I know, I am saying healthy stuff and such, and yet still had cough and colds.

A lot of other people and health experts share their tips on how to keep themselves healthy. And I do mine, tried and tested, though I will not convince my readers to do them if they are not interested to, or if my tips are not compatible with their health. So, here goes.

1. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. I do that everyday, and I feel guilty if I cannot reach 8 glasses. I don't care if others say that drinking water makes you fat. Hello??!! Water has no calories at all! Drinking water makes one healthy because it flushes the toxins from the body, and rehydrates and cleanses the cells. Just imagine a heavy flood after a strong rain, with the flood bringing away all the objects in its path.

2. Drink a glass of water upon waking up in the morning. I had seen this in my fave anime, "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge." Drinking water upon waking up hydrates the body because even in our sleep, we still sweat. But the best part of doing the ritual is being able to empty your  bowels. If you do the water ritual and empty your intestines every day, you will be healthy.

3. Yeah, yeah, the nutritionists always emphasize the food pyramid. Eat veggies and fish, eat less meat. Going easy on the salty and sweet foods. I am guilty of this because I like chocolates, meat, and chips. But I try my best to eat healthy.

4. Take supplements. I always remember our clinical instructor tell us in the past that we need to eat healthy, but we still need to take supplements.

5. There is no further need to explain when I say that you need to attend to personal hygiene.

6. I like nail art, but only when worn by other girls. I do not like to apply nail art to myself, or even make my nails long. Why? I do not want to keep my nails dirty! The OC that I am, I trim my nails super short, and I want to keep it that way. Keeping my nails short is my obsession, and it makes me proud to display my hand in front of my eyes for my satisfaction.

7. Exercise. I am guilty of this, as my sloth tendencies sometimes kick in. But really, my personal favorites are brisk walking and dancing, and I enjoy both. Exercise keeps me alert and flexible.

8. I am proud to say that I do not smoke. Drinking, uhm, just red wine and only during Christmas. 

I think I should give up drinking even if it is just so rarely. Why? It is because I am allergic to alcoholic beverage, even soju. I do not believe others who say that I need practice. Do they know what they are saying???? They do not know what happens to me once my allergies kick in. I will feel itchy, especially on my thighs, and when I scratch, I develop petechiae. And it does not look good, especially if you are fond of wearing shorts. Drinking is also adding insult to injury to myself. As I like fatty foods (but I minimize eating them), my liver is at stake. If I drink, my liver will get affected. So, if I have allergic attacks, I take anti-histamine medications, which are also harsh on the liver. But the meds make me sleepy, thanks to the side effects. To keep me awake, I have to drink milk or eat milky ice cream. So, can you see how costly it is for me???? So, to save money, I better not drink. Also, for me, drinking and engaging in drinking sprees with officemates and friends is totally annoying. I do not drink for my reason that it declines my cool points. I do not want to be the type of girl who is easy just because I get drunk. And seriously, getting drunk is never cool. It makes me lose my poise, and it makes me lose my manners. If there are drunk comrades around, I have to fend for them. A waste of MY time. If the time spent for drinking, getting drunk, and recovery is spent on worthwhile things like cleaning the room or reading books, that would be better. I do not care if people will think that I am killjoy, because for me, I stand for what I believe in. Me not drinking benefits me, financially, aesthetically, and physically.

Smoking? A vice that I do not have. As the body gets addicted to nicotine, so the person smokes and smokes and smokes. It means buying lots and lots of packs--which translates to wasting my money again! With regards to smoking, the reason for me not wanting to attempt to smoke is more on the aesthetic side than on the health side (though it is important). Why? First of all, I do not like my clothes and my breath to smell like cigar. I do not want my teeth to look yellowish. Those are important to me!

9. To the vain like me, I want to look good too. But I do not like wearing makeup because it prevents my skin from breathing. Even if makeup enthusiasts will convince me which makeup is good for the skin, I prefer showing the world the natural me. And for me, having soft, smooth, and flawless skin is very important. Thanks to facial cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing. And thanks to non-sticky lotion.

10. Stress management. This is easier said than done. I do not know why, but I had always been stressful, but my blood pressure has always been below 120/80mmHg... makes me proud that my BP is below that range. I try to manage my stress because stress is bad. However, despite me being stressful, my friends say I look three years younger than my actual age.

You can say that I am self-righteous, but I just am proud to say that I do not smoke or drink hard. Indeed, being healthy is very important to me. I have only one body, so I need to take care of it really, really well.

(I hope my cough and colds will subside!)

좋은 하루 되세요!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taking A Smile ^_^

An old saying goes, "It takes 17 muscles to smile, 43 to frown." However, medical science would argue against this notion, considering the actual number of facial muscles used in eliciting facial expressions. 

In the blog by Brad, he mentioned about Dr. David Song, MD, who stated his stand regarding the actual number of muscles connected to smiling and frowning. You can click here to learn more about the blog which I mentioned about.    

Anyway, I will not dwell more on the anatomy of a smile or a frown. I would just like to discuss about the smile versus the frown.

Smiling has never been my hobby, or should I say, my talent. Most of the time, I just have the poker face. Of course, I would never smile for no reason at all, right? My friends often tell me that I am too serious and that I should chill out sometimes. Yeah, I can do that, but I am more of the serious person. What can I do? However, smiling is really important because it connects one person's emotion to another. It is like a bridge that connects one island to another, or like the sea that connects the islands.

Have you noticed that you get attracted to a person because of a smile? Or, you tend to look at a certain someone for the second time the moment you see the smile? Or, how you could not forget someone because of a smile? A smile has that magical effect, a soothing effect to the heart.

A frown, however, is like a sign at the door that says, "Stay out!" Just steer clear, because the frowning person might be in deep thought, so... Yeah, just stay out if you have nothing to offer.

Have you also noticed how a smile would mean from one person to another? Like how one person's smile looks different if she or he looks at the object of affection? Really, I think there should be a patent for that it's-only-for-him-or-her smile. Am I even allowed to state an example? Well, this is my blog, so give me the liberty to do so. If you are not into K-pop, you definitely, definitely cannot relate to this. Anyway, let's take for example, CN Blue's leader and rhythm guitarist, Jung Yong Hwa. When he smiled as Kang Shin Woo to Go Mi Nam, he looked so gentlemanly. When he smiled as Lee Shin to Lee Gyu Won, I saw him as a sly and naughty guy. Sometimes, I even forget that Yong Hwa had once been Shin Woo! Hmmmm.... His smile makes him a different person. How about when he smiles his signature toothy grin to his fans during their concerts? His smile really is unique! His smile looks boyish and playful when he is with the other CN Blue guys, but his smile looks different (uhm...shy or coy?) when he smiles at Park Shin Hye, his closest female friend in the Korean entertainment industry. I could not help but grin from ear to ear like Ernie of Sesame Street every time he smiles at her. I am a certified Dooley/YongShin couple fan! o(^_^)o

There are also some times when a smile changes my perception of a certain person. Then again, before I get into more K-pop fan girl moments, I will just state what made me say my stand. This guy (yes, from K-pop fandom again...) looks snob, and I was afraid of him at first. However, the first time I saw him smile, my perception of him changed. I started to like him because he looks amiable with his smile.

We also have heard of stories wherein someone's smile unburdens a person of his or her problem or tired thoughts. Nice, isn't it? If pneumonia and SARS are contagious, at least, a smile is a contagious occurrence which will not make us land in a health institution.

When someone gives you a smile, take it!

Share the love, and share a smile! ^_^

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


안녕하세요, 여러분?

I am Mitchi, and welcome to my secret attic.

I may not post much in this page, but you will get to know me well once I post my entries. I’d rather let my posts describe who I am rather than saying what I am myself in this page. 

Hope you’ll read my future posts! ^_^

좋은 하루 되세요!