Monday, July 30, 2012

The Frustrated Manhwaga (Self-Introduction 자기소개)

There are a lot of situations, whether formal or informal, wherein you need to introduce yourself. This has a lot of functions, say, introducing yourself in school, at work, etc., or even to clear up miscommunication and misunderstanding.

If you have remembered in my last manhwa, it was about Min Hwan and Min Ho talking about what they will like to do. In this manhwa, the next scenario is about Min Hwan and his cousin Min Ji going out together to the department store. On their way, they meet Min Hwan’s girlfriend, Jiyeon, who thinks that Min Hwan has a previous girlfriend. And to make things easier and polite, both Min Hwan and Min Ji speak in formal speech, while Jiyeon talks informally. The conversation is mainly done by Min Hwan and Jiyeon.

So, here is how the situation went about. By the way, if you know how Japanese manga or Korean manhwa works, it is read from right to left.

Jiyeon: Min Hwan-oppa? He…had a girlfriend? How annoying!
지연 : 민환 오빠? 여자친구 있었어? 짜증나!


Jiyeon: Hi, Oppa!
지연 : 오빠, 안녕?
Min Hwan: Oh, good day, Jiyeon. Ah, this is my cousin. (This person is my cousin).
민환 : ? 지연아, 안녕하세요? , 사람이 사촌입니다.
Jiyeon: C-cousin? o_O
지연: ... 사촌?

Min Ji: Good day, Eonni. My name is Min Ji. How are you (This is my first time to see you)? I am pleased to meet you.
민지 : 언니, 안녕하세요? 이름은 민지입니다. 처음 뵙겠습니다. 만나서 반갑습니다.
Jiyeon: Ah….hi Min Ji…
지연 :  , 민지씨, 안녕하세요?

Min Hwan: Min Ji-ya, Jiyeon is my friend.
민환 : 민지야, 지연이 친구예요.
Min Ji: Really?
민지 : 정말요?

Jiyeon: Oppa! I am your girlfriend!
지연 : 오빠! 여자친구야!

Min Hwan: No.
민환 : 아니요.
Jiyeon: No? Oppa! I am so hurt! You! You are a bad guy!
지연 : 아니? 오빠! 너무 아파! ! 나쁜 남자야!

Min Hwan: I’m sorry.
민환 : 미안해요.
Jiyeon: I love you, Oppa~~~
지연 : 오빠, 사랑해~~~

Jiyeon: But where are you going?
지연 : 근데, 어디 ?
Min Hwan: We are going to the department store.
민환 : 백화점에 갑니다.

Min Hwan: Do you want to join us?
민환 : 갈래요?
Jiyeon: Yes! Yes!
지연 : ! !

So, there goes my manhwa. I think I will post until here.

좋은 하루 되세요!

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