Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Frustrated Manhwaga (Just because we use “like…”)

All right, I admit it.

I am a frustrated cartoonist.

I had made quite a few attempts in making my own manga, but I ended up not finishing it. I like drawing, and I love writing stories, but there are sometimes when I have more important things to do that I had not finished a manga at all.

Around four years ago, a friend of mine once told me to make a manga music video. I made an experiment before doing his request. The music video I made was about friendship turned to love between a guy and his girl best friend. The song I used in the vid is a emo-rock by a local band.

I did upload it and showed it to him, then I started making his request. The ending? Up to now, it is still not done.

A few years later, I got interested in learning the Korean language, so I learned by doing self-study.  While finding self-help books or videos in the Internet, I came across, which is the channel of JB-seonsaengnim. I like the way he teaches the Korean language because he makes it easy to construct sentences just by following the sentence pattern. If you know the sentence pattern, you can just add words to it. Good thing also is, JB-seonsaengnim is Korean, so he knows what he is talking about. But just to be sure, he also cited his sources and told his subscribers that the video is only supplemental, and nothing can still compare to the real lesson in the classroom.

And speaking of sentence patterns, I had also learned quite a few and some, and I also learned some while watching K-dramas. There is also this habit I had that when I want to remember some points in a lesson, I tend to create some caricature or even some skits.

And that was when I remembered my frustration of being a cartoonist. And below is my first attempt of making a manhwa while also applying some simple Korean sentences that I had learned from JB-seonsaengnim.


Just because we use “like…”

Yes, in the English language, we use the word “like” in some ways.

·         I like you.
·         I like to watch a movie.
·         I am like a rose in the desert.

As you can see, we use “like” in three different ways, though we tend to use the same word. Same word, different usage. The first one is having the meaning of having affection, fondness, or attraction to someone. The second is doing what one wanted to do. The third is having the sense of comparison.

In the Korean language, the word “like” has more than a usage, and has more than a word to express it. I forgot to tell you that I also did self-study of the Japanese language, though I am still quite poor at it. In the book that I was using, the author said that foreigners would often have wrong translation of “like.” Just because the English use “like,” in three ways, it does not mean that Japanese language uses the same word to denote different usage. Same goes with Korean language.

Below is my manhwa which deals with the different usage of “like” in Korean. Let us follow the example of the brothers Min Ho and his younger brother Min Hwan, who are lying on the floor. Here in my manhwa, the younger brother Min Hwan uses polite language, while his Min Ho-hyung uses casual language.

Min Hwan           :  I am hungry..~~
민환                      :  고파요..~~~

Min Ho                 :  Me too, Min Hwan…
민호                      :  나도, 민환...

Min Hwan           :  Min Ho-hyung, what do you like to eat?
민환                      :  민호 , 무엇을 먹고 싶습니까?

Min Ho                 :  Me? Uhm… I like to eat ice cream.
민호                      :  ? ...  아이스크림을 먹고 싶어.

Min Hwan           :  Ah, is that right? I like to eat ice cream too. And I like pizza.
민환                      :  , 그래요? 저도 아이스크림을 먹고 싶습니다. 그리고 피자를 좋아합니다.

Min Ho                 :  I like pizza too. So, let’s go!
민호                      :  나도 피자를 좋아해. 그래서, 가자!  

Min Hwan           :  Mm!
민환                      :  !!!!

In the following manhwa, I only dealt with the two usage of “like.”

·         좋아하다  - to like (in the manner of having an affection or fondness for someone or something).
·         싶다 – like to (verb), want to (verb), would like to (verb)


좋아하다 is the verb meaning “like”, as in, “I like you.” This is the word found in the dictionary. However, we need to conjugate the verb properly to make the sentence polite.

In the manhwa, we can see the verb being used in two different ways.
  •      As Min Hwan speaks using polite  speech (존댓말), the verb he used is:

o   좋아합니다.  – used in declarative sentence.

This is using 합니다 style. If using the 해요  style, he could say “좋아해요.” In interrogative sentence, one can use “좋아합니까?” or좋아해요?

  • ·         Min Ho speaks in casual speech (반말), so he used ““좋아해” instead of  “좋아해요.


This is another usage of the word “like”, though it will mean “would LIKE to (verb)” or “want to (verb).” Then again, we conjugate the verb to make the sentence polite.

This is the sentence pattern to be used:
                Would like to (verb) – (verb)고 싶습니다.

Let us get back to the manhwa:

  • ·         In the polite interrogative sentence, Min Hwan uses “싶습니까? Both “싶습니다” and “싶습니까?” use the “합니다” style. If using the “해요” style, one can use the same word for both interrogative and declarative sentence, “싶어요” or “싶어요?”
  • ·          Min Ho is quite casual, so he uses “싶어.” I know, this is what you often here in Korean songs. If an interrogative sentence, hence, “싶어?”

Here are more examples, but I would rather use the polite sentence.
·         I like Yoo Ah In.                                              - 유아인씨를 좋아합니다.
·         Sarah likes her teacher.                                 - 사라가 그녀의 선생님을 좋아합니다.
·         Wooyoung likes to watch a movie.               -  우영이 영화를 보고 싶습니다.
·         Where do you want to go?                             -  어디에 가고 싶습니까?

There is also another usage of “like,” where it deals with comparison. I am talking about, “I am like a ~ (~ 처럼).” I will not be dealing with this yet, and I will also not deal with, “I like to be a doctor.” I will deal yet with the simple things.

So you see, this is how I deal with lessons I need to learn. If I cannot get an idea, I draw it so I can associate an idea with the drawing that I made. At the same time, I also get to fulfil being a cartoonist, even if it is just for fun.

I learn, and I have fun!

좋은 하루 되세요!



    1. By the way, thanks also for liking my post. I will make a second installment of the manhwa.

  2. Wow. This is really good :O I wish I had the creativity to do something like this. Right now I use Talk to me in Korean to learn Korean, but they haven't gone too much into the difference between "ikka" and "yo" endings...still, I enjoyed this post. How are you learning Korean?

    1. Thanks for liking my manhwa. I have to draw the second installment, though it is not series... I am not that familiar with "ikka." I still have a lot to learn. I learned Korean through and the YouTube channel I posted in the article. ^_^ My problem is the dictionary because I want a book. A real, tangible dictionary, not the online one. But all I had seen in the bookstores are Romanized versions. I think I will have to use the English dictionary in Naver.

  3. I see! :) I'm waiting for your next manhwa with great anticipation, Ryanne!! I liked yours so much that I printed it out felt nice being able to read a Korean manhwa, as you didn't use complex vocabulary(it was easy for a beginner like me to read+understand)

    1. I am really honored to know that you actually printed my manhwa. I want to make a story or series, eh, manhwa style, ahaha, while incorporating studying the Korean language. I am having a draft of the conversation right now, but I still had not drawn it, mianhae... Please wait for it. ^_^

  4. Annyeong! :) I just saw your comment...hehe, sorry for my impatience. Yay! I'm very excited to see it. You definitely should make a series of manhwa! it would be great especially if you could include many Korean verbs.

    a-ni-ei-yo, gwen-chan-ah-yo :) take ur time...but not TOO long :D

    1. Next manhwa is up.

      Sorry, it is not colored...

  5. Gwen-chan-ah-yo! :) Please continue to post :D I'm going to check it out tomorrow :) And probably print it out, too XD